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President's Message- January 2013


Network for success in 2014...
ChemPharma membership can help you to improve your network and advance yourcareer.

Dear ChemPharma Members and Prospective Members,

Welcome to 2014! We have a real challenge ahead of us this year, we need to revitalize our organization, stop the decline of membership and show more value through networking and the use of the resources provided by ChemPharma.

 I have been a member of ChemPharma since 2003 and have been active on the board as well as at the chapter level in Chicago.  I have had the pleasure of meeting many great people and have used the organization as a tool to increase my value as an employee in the chemical industry.

This is the time for all members to take a step forward and recruit new members, volunteer to run a chapter meeting or reach out to fellow members who may need your resource. If there are tools needed to improve the organization that are not currently available, let me know what they might be and we will see if we can figure out a way to make them available.

I believe we can improve our online communication on the website as well as on LinkedIn but I need help to make this happen...I need your ideas and participation to make the necessary changes.

Give me a call or drop me an email- I really want your input and participation.  Thank you in advance...let’s make 2014 a better year for ChemPharma!

Best Reguards, 

Charleen Heinke – President
ChemPharma® Professional Association


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