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ChemPharma® Professional Association
Bringing senior level business and technical professionals from chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, and allied industries together to foster career and personal success through sharing information and building relationships.
We network for success!


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events


                 We are ChemPharma® Professional Association (CPPA) ...                

Bringing senior level business and technical professionals from
chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, and allied industries
together, to foster career and personal success
through sharing information and building relationships.

We network for success!

Network for success in 2014 ... improve your network and advance your career.

Dear ChemPharma Members and Prospective Members,

Welcome to 2014! We have a real challenge ahead of us this year, we need to revitalize our organization, stop the decline of membership and show more value through networking and the use of the resources provided by ChemPharma.

 I have been a member of ChemPharma since 2003 and have been active on the board as well as at the chapter level in Chicago.  I have had the pleasure of meeting many great people and have used the organization as a tool to increase my value as an employee in the chemical industry.

This is the time for all members to take a step forward and recruit new members, volunteer to run a chapter meeting or reach out to fellow members who may need your resource. If there are tools needed to improve the organization that are not currently available, let me know what they might be and we will see if we can figure out a way to make them available. 


2014 Spring National Meeting - May 6, 2014 


 Dr. Pete Ludovice

Engineer, Professor and Comedian

After a dozen years of tormenting students he took his own brand of technical humor on the road and splits his speaking engagements between technical and academic audiences and comedy clubs. Pete hosts a weekly radio show Radio Sandy Springs in the Atlanta area that adds a little humor to the world of science and technology. His topics range from generic observational humor and life as a nerd and why six sigma sucks to technical talks on infertility technology, chemistry in everyday life and science and technology for normal people.
It's going to be a great time, hope to see you there!
When: Tuesday, May 6, 2014, 5:30 PM until 9:00 PM
Crowne Plaza - Monroe
390 Forsgate Drive
Monroe Township, NJ08831


Recent Networking Successes: 

This mixer was a success for me. While the group was small, I was able to make 5 new and meaningful contacts in only 2 hours. The appetizer and setting were great as well. Everyone at this meeting had substantial experience in their respective fields and industries. I believe this type of informal setting is important because it is very efficient way to network without feeling rushed or having to deal with too much formality. I hope to attend more of these types of mixers in the future.



ChemPharma Joint Meeting Saturday, March 15, 2014

Below is a list of suggestions from the breakout groups

Group 1 – Brad Schweon

? Website user friendly
? Members update profiles
? More Evening networking events
? More 'advertising'
? Career development topics
? Alliance partnerships 'Advertising'
? Structure meetings
? Joint meetings with alliance partners
? Member retention
? Member involvement
? Membership requirements - subgroups
? Value added discounts
? Members 'talk up' CPPA to other organizations
? More communications from BOT
? Job leads from members
? Networking events
? Job fair benefits to CPPA
? Training visibility
? FU meeting attendance list
? Post attendance lists on site - consistency
? Lifetime sustaining organization
? Fun venues for evening events
? Outplacement, companies

Group 2 – Michael Chiappinelli

? Why join?
- Connections and networking
 Employed and seekers
 Hiring mangers (How to attract)
 Electronic connections
 Ease of use
o Rearrange and characterize
 Job lead sharing
 Ability to add personal information/biographies
o Link to Linked in
o Open Linkedin group
? Alliance Partners
- Leverage and market
- Engagement with alliance partners
- ChemConsulting, GPSEG
- Benefits: ability to attend groups we may not quality for.
? Membership and attendance
- Metrics and causes
 Age/sex/background/employee status
- Conversion to members
 Better explain benefits
 Value proposition defined and communicated
 Renewal outreach
 Volunteer opportunities – benefits
 Better Define sponsor/mentor role
- Attract companies
 Contract to hire
 HR groups
 Major companies
? Volunteer
- Organize evening meetings
 How do we ask?
- Be specific!
- Benefit of volunteering
- Value of networking
? Attraction for younger and employed members
- Career guidance
- Connections and introduction
? Open membership critical
- Accepted into organization
? Website reorganization
? Mentorship
- Benefits – clearly state
- Sponsorship
? Solicit input to the BOT
- Survey members on
 Key mission/philosophy
? Finances:
- Where should we spend money?
- Corporate memberships
 Membership levels
- Volunteer discount to encourage new members

Group 3 – Peter Nirchio
Top 3 picks to work on first:

? More evening events at 3-levels.
- Formal dinner meetings with speakers from (industry, (ex. C-level), and
- Informal evening network meetings, low cost (no speaker and light fare)
- National meetings.
? Better marketing.
- Corporate outreach by contacting HR and Community Outreach Depts.
- Create contacts with LHH and Right Management. (Arrange to send CPPA
brochures for those downsized from the chemical industry, etc.)
- Provide companies with access to our unemployed members database.
- CPPA career services workshops. (resumes, elevator speech, mock
interviews, job search work team)
- Professional Volunteers Project with (PCCI and BioNJ) People who work at
low cost to help emerging or start-up get off the ground).
? Career Fair
? Other suggestions:
- Entrepreneur Workshops (How to start a business, how to get SBIR-STTR
grants, How to get capital investors)
- Business Partner Reception Meeting/Dinner (Those with an existing
business or business idea who are looking for partnership.)
- Establish a new CPPA sister organization that is a 501(c)(5). (This
organization represents and actively promotes our member consultants.)
- Group excursions. (To tour the insides of companies, establishments, and
- Continuing education workshops. (six sigma, ISO training, DuPont-
Experimental Design Course)
- Community outreach. (Judging science fairs, etc.)
? Linkedin group – Open – Deborah
? Evening events / socials
? Advertise events to other groups
- Develop lists – chapter level
- Linkedin groups
? Landings – website
? Communications – quarterly letters – Char

Strategic – B.O.T.

? Value proposition
- Clarify
- Communicate
? Open membership criteria
? Alliance partners
- Leverage / benefits
? Marketing (See ‘Better marketing’ in Group 3.)
? Career Fair – timing
? B.O.T. communication to members – Char
? Membership committee follow-up
- Job fair / meeting attendees
? Address two big issues each year
- Website committee
- Business Plan



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